Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my wonderful moment ruined

So I am kinda upset so this is a bit of a rant...the above image I took this evening, I had a free evening and I didn't have to work.  So I went out to the lake shore area and from there I took this picture I had a moment of pure connection to the universe the sky was a brilliant crimson and purple and the colors went from one horizon to the other and as the time went by the color slowly darkened as the world went from day to night the color fading.  I loved it feeling just pure beauty in the universe.......

Only to have some asshole drive behind where I was sitting and shout "Look it's free willy". Now I'm used to being mocked for my weight.  It just ruined my perfect moment, did I over react?  Should I have been as hurt as I was?  If my outside matched the way I feel inside would my moment have been perfect, or do I just not deserve I moment of pure contentmeny.

I'm just kind of unhappy about this.  Life continues......

So ranting over here is another cap

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