Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I have built up a library of images that i plan to use for caps, to my sister in the cap community, if someone else makes a cap from a photo i planned to use, is it cool for me to still use that photo.

Fantasy football cap for petra

My loss your win, I make a new cap :-)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chase Puritan Vs. The continent

WOW 10,000!!!

Everyone I am speechless I cannot believe that my little blog has over 10,000 hits, I will be posting something special tonight after I get home from day job thank you all so so much

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

contest entry

So go some caption writing done here are my contest entries for the haven september contest

so that was the first entry now this series is my second entry

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my wonderful moment ruined

So I am kinda upset so this is a bit of a rant...the above image I took this evening, I had a free evening and I didn't have to work.  So I went out to the lake shore area and from there I took this picture I had a moment of pure connection to the universe the sky was a brilliant crimson and purple and the colors went from one horizon to the other and as the time went by the color slowly darkened as the world went from day to night the color fading.  I loved it feeling just pure beauty in the universe.......

Only to have some asshole drive behind where I was sitting and shout "Look it's free willy". Now I'm used to being mocked for my weight.  It just ruined my perfect moment, did I over react?  Should I have been as hurt as I was?  If my outside matched the way I feel inside would my moment have been perfect, or do I just not deserve I moment of pure contentmeny.

I'm just kind of unhappy about this.  Life continues......

So ranting over here is another cap

Sunday, September 4, 2011

how you say it

So I joined the fantasy football league for the haven and I love it.......I totally have no clue what I'm doing....I know jack about football, I mean I think it is kinda dull and I almost traded a way a good player.  The best part I offered the trade not her oops anyway here is a new caption i did

The Ashleigh speaks

For awhile it had just been easier to post my caps and let you all just see them but figured now was as good a time as any to spout my mouth off for awhile.  So what to say, you all know my basics, well a lot of you do.  I'm the 3rd born child in my family.  The oldest is my Sister Shannon who is proabbly my best friend in the world, and I miss her terribly.  Also since she is the only one I have been very open about being transgender, she is the only one who I have ever openly dressed as a girl with includinga very special weekend trip to toronto about 10 months ago where I got to spend an entire weekend with my sister as a girl. I was so cool and I hope to do again, maybe even more openly.  My next sibling is my brother Patrick, he died about 10 years ago he was 17, he died from a complication from a heart defect, I have a lot of thoughts about my brother, but honestly I'm not going to put them here right now maybe in the future.  The me, real name AJ, the J stands for Jacob, the a stands for a family name I don't tell many....well hardly anyone, at some point if the person asks me nicely I may tell them in the future, for now let's just say it stands for Ashleigh.  Lastly there is the baby of the family Jewel, she is few years younger then the rest currently in high school..hopefully I didn't tell enough for someone from her school to find this and put it together, sorry Jules if I did.  My parents and everyone cept my older sister think I'm just the normal child, I hope to be able to tell them at some point....there have been a lot of close calls, with times I was dressed and times, I had to slam my laptop glad I have my own computer where I can hide everything..for now I hope you all enjoy my caps.   I hope to tell you more at some point and I will be doing a bunch of captions work yay!!!!!!